ICEERS Clinical Track


For ICPR 2012, the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) will host a 2 hour session on the latest clinical research into the psychoactive ethnobotanicals Ayahuasca and Iboga, with presentations of ICEERS' advisory board member Jordi Riba, PhD on the biotransformation of DMT in humans and ICEERS' scientific coordinator José Carlos Bouso on the long term effects of ayahuasca use on mental health.

Dr Riba will present a study of the ways the human body metabolizes smoked DMT, oral DMT and DMT in an ayahuasca preparation with beta-carbolines. Bouso's presentation provides new insights into the long term effects of ayahuasca in members of the Santo Daime church in Brazil that have taken ayahuasca for over 15 years, for a minimum of two times a month. The participants have been assessed extensively with neuropsychological tests and questionnaires on subjects such as mental health, and compared with a control group.

Vice-president of ICEERS Maria do Carmo Carvalho will present preliminary data of a treatment center for addiction with ibogaine. ICEERS collaborates with an Ibogaine clinic in Curitiba, Brazil called Clínica Cleuza Canan. Their state-of-the-art integrated Ibogaine program is unique in the world and their preliminary data show high efficacy for crack/cocaine addiction treatment. Their program, data and a double blind clinical trial ICEERS hopes to setup at the clinic in the future will be addressed during this lecture.

Lastly we will screen the trailer 'Ayahuasca: Persecution of an ancient culture' (10mins) about a legal case that took place in Chile for the therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in Manto Wasi. In March of 2012, this case was won with the support of practitioners, researchers, participants of the sessions and ICEERS. The judges not only recognized that Ayahuasca is not an illegal drug that is not harmful, they also recognized that it was beneficial for the participants of the sessions.

Meanwhile, in various countries in the world, arrests have taken place for importation and ceremonial use of Ayahuasca. In Spain more than 20 cases are waiting judgement. The UN's INCB (International Narcotics Control Board) has invited governments to criminalize the use of traditional plants that contain psychotropic alkaloids that are on their list of the 1971 convention. ICEERS has been involved in several legal cases, and after the screening, secretary Òscar Parés will provide more data on the current legal situation and the importance of scientific backup in the defense, after which debate is opened with the public.


The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS Foundation), is a tax exempt non-profit organization (official charity) based in the Netherlands with a delegation in Barcelona, Catalunya. Working on three fronts: Education, Research and Service - ICEERS is dedicated to marshal the forces of ancient, indigenous ethnobotanical knowledge and modern therapeutic practice for the purpose of answering the need for efficient tools for personal and social development.

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